Open Letter To Godwin Obaseki: Focus On PDP And Build A Political Career Laced With Love

Greetings Your Excellency, Godwin Obaseki, my name is Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah a bonafide Edo Citizen and a social critic.

I must, first of all, commend your efforts so far in governing Edo State. It is really not easy to be on the hot seat.

I have to state clearly that I campaigned and voted for you during the 2016 Edo Guber Polls not because I totally believed in your government to bring the needed change but because I saw the legacies laid down by Adams Oshiomhole and I saw the passion in which he projected your candidature.

I worked with all my strength, creativity and talent to canvass people to also cast their votes for you but I wish to say that I am disappointed in your administration.

Sir from the first day you took the Oath of Office as the Executive Governor of Edo State I must sincerely say you started a battle against your own people, party and benefactor, Adams Oshiomhole.

This needless war has along the way consumed so many people because of your inordinate ambition which is your right.

So many people have lost their properties to this lingering war that has defiled all avenues of reconciliation.

Anything you do unto your fellow man today be sure of your reward tomorrow, a landlord would also become a tenant if he travels out from his abode.

Lots of people have aspired to that office before you without people losing their properties and possessions.

Intimidation is allowed in politicking but knowing when to apply the brakes is wisdom if you are not aware it is imperative I remind you that since your coming you have succeeded in removing at least six of our sons from prominent positions in Nigeria.

Oshiomhole became the latest victim and sadly enough you are still not satisfied and hell-bent on destroying the APC.

Your Excellency, you came to meet people in this State and you would definitely go and the people will remain.

Your penchant to destroy the political structure which you happen to be the HIGHEST beneficiary would do you no good, please leave the APC alone and focus on your PDP the worst-case scenario you have at most 4 years to give an account of your stewardship.

Your Excellency where is your electoral promises?

Where are the 200,000 jobs you promised?

All you have bestowed as a legacy on we the Edo citizens is nothing more than hatred, you have sown a seed of discord and deceived the people of your anti Godfatherism mantra and you are still hell-bent on destroying the careers of others because they hold contrary views to your policies and ideas which majority of the citizens loath.

No matter how your ideology may look perfect everybody can not be in the same boat with you, the politics of bitterness which you are passionately grooming would definitely boomerang if caution is not taken.

Any Government that shuts down the opposition will only be cutting its nose to spite its face, as the expression goes.

People have passed through this same route before, focus on your PDP and desist from fanning the embers of hate.

The opinion must differ and we must be tolerant in all our actions.

I wish you well with your new political party the PDP and I look forward to the September 19th Governorship-elections in our dear State.

I wish you and your administration success.

Kind regards,

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.

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