Oshiomhole’s Traducers And The Irony Of Fate, By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq

Comrade Adams Aliyu Eric Oshiomhole is an interesting Character .Love him or hate him ,one thing is clear  you can not ignore him .Oshiomhole’s  diminutive frame depicts just one fact, small things comes in big packages.A man who is  known some times for his quick temper  is equally known for his quick Benevolence in the same manner he is known to be quick witted .

In one of his come yet so true sayings ,Comrade Adams Oshiomhole once said ,
*”Every Nigerian is a Local Government of his own.You build your roads ,make provision for you light ,water and even your own security. Officially we have 774 Local Governments in Nigeria, but in the real sense we have 200 Million Local Government  representating each Citizen”

Let us put the issues in  perspective. You see all the dramatist Personnel on the other side, Oshiomole made them.He is builder of lives and the giver of opportunity.

Oshiomhole thrives in title of James Bond Movie ,”Live and Let’s Live “,it does seems that the major ideological fulcrum of the Traducers ,is live and let’s die !

It was Harold Laswell that said “Politics is who gets what, when and how “?

What did Oshiomhole do wrong ?He made a man Governor.The man used his  structure to be Governor and suddenly realised after becoming Governor, that they are thugs and greedy Politicians.

Why did he not identify them as thugs and greedy Politicians before his elections and use being a technocrat to win the Elections ?It is unfair comment and one of the biggest betrayals known to a political class in Nigerian History.

Oshiomhole essentially fought other People’s  Battles.He showed that you can still perform and make lives.

It was Harold Laski that is also said “The strive for Politics is the strive to control the Resources of a State “.May at this juncture ask a Pertinent question?Who are those that do Government contracts in the subject State? It will be foolhardy for any one to follow the sinister narrative that those who support Oshiomhole wants to “chop ” Government Money ,while those on the other side are saints  .

So It was Alexander Pope that opined,thus “Politics is the madness of many for the benefit of a few “.Some people are deceived by the deviously crafted Propaganda against Oshiomhole. The wrong that the man did was to make a man a Governor on a Platter of Gold .

Nothing stops any person from having issues with his Political Mentor,but for you to go the whole length to plot his perceived  fall with the help of out side forces ,is the height of callousness!What goes around  comes around. Nature has a way of moderating our Affairs and Karma answers to your actions .

It was John Jesen that said that  “History is past Politics and Politics is present History “.It is not all about money ,some times it is all about treating people with respect!Adams Oshiomhole treats people with as much respect as you deserve. He is accessible nut stern,authoritative ,but very magnanimous . He  is also imbued  with an  amazing sense of humour. A giver by nature, Adams Oshiomhole likes every one around him to be happy.
It was the Ulitarian School of thought in Politics that states that the  essence of Government is for greater happiness of the greater number of people .

The Elections are here and it seems History is about to repeat itself in a very profound way that does not concern persons but the parties or should I borrow the words of Mark Twain ,the American Novelist, “History does not repeat itself ,at best it rhymes “.

Those of you are rejoice in on quick sand.You may have perceivedly won the battle, but you have lost the war.

When you cause the people who give you gain pain  you will end in shame and make no mistakes about it,fame can bring shame, if not tamed .

So Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has offered himself as a sacrifice in a time of Political War and in demonstration of his selflessness ,he accepted the verdict of fate .It was Mark Olden the Dannish Philosopher that posited ,thus

“Trees are feel to provide furniture for comfort,books for learning and medicine for good health ,Wars are fought so that some may unintentionally die,that others may live”.

The Plot is about to enter the climax.In the anatomy of a plot after the Climax,there is usually as irony of fate and then a fall in action .Then ,as they say in Nigerian parlance *“your eyes will be clear “*.,Then we will have the catharsis-purgation of sentimental feelings  ,because in all theses there is God factor .It is called Deux Ex Machina ,the supernatural intervention in the affairs of men .

The Chicken will soon come home to roast!

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