Modern and Safer Markets Coming to Edo As Pastor Ize-Iyamu promise Fire Service Units in markets

Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, the APC candidate in this month’s gubernatorial election has promised to rethink the way markets are built and managed in the state when he assumes office as the elected Governor.

Pastor Ize-Iyamu, easily the favored candidate to win the Edo state government based on the many opinion polls that have so far been conducted offline and online and from feelers across the state spoke while explaining his plans for markets in the state.

He said, “most of our markets are in terrible conditions lacking conveniences and safety. Hence, the need to rethink the way they are built and the process of management”, using his manifesto, the Simple Agenda”s PPP.

Asked if it will not be interfering in the duties of local government councils whose purview it is to cater for markets, he said the idea is to, “develop strategic partnership with credible investors renowned for constructing markets to construct ultra-modern, as well as specialized markets for our people”.

“We would ensure that space standards, choice of materials, structures that take cognizance of the environment as well as the fire service form the basics of the new Edo markets” said the APC candidate.

According to him, these markets will come in handy as agricultural products from Edo are highly sought after everywhere with, ” traders in other parts of Nigeria in trying to convince their customers are quick to say- “it is Edo garri, Edo banana, Edo plantain, Edo palm oil, or it is bush meat and snail from Edo state”.

Therefore he said, “We will take advantage of this and make the state an economic hub for our local farmers and traders. As a farmer, I can tell that the opportunities are limitless”.

Meanwhile, Pastor Ize-Iyamu has said that his government, “shall also encourage through Public private partnership, PPP the construction of Shopping malls in major centres across the state”.

He also referred to critical fire incidences at Uwelu Spare Parts market, Oliha market, Santana market, Osa market, and the Urhokpota fire disasters which exposed the terrible state of the fire service and the government’s disdain for the common man hinged on her failure to respond and prepare for future incidences.

He said he plans to modernize, scale up and enhance the capacity of Edo State Fire Service to respond effectively to critical fire incidents, so, “every major market in the state will be reformed to accommodate a fire service unit. These units will serve as a branch of the state fire service”.#


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