2022 Is Going To Be A Terrible Year, Popular Auchi Pastor Declares

Scores of worshippers gathered at the Kings’ Household Solution Tarbanacle Ministry, Auchi on December 31, 2021 for the Cross over night service to mark the end of the year and to receive divine direction for the new year, 2022.

In his new year message, founder and presiding pastor of the Ministry, Pastor Yomi Isaac revealed that the year 2022 is going to be a terrible year for the world.

According to him: “The number 22 represent terrible things in the bible such as confusion, uncertainty and all manner of evil including hardship more than it has ever been seen before in the world.”

He, however urged believer in the Lord to rejoice as everything will turnout for their good.

He said: “This is the good news, to everyone that is a child of God, is a spiritual Israelite. You shall not be a partaker of it. The hardship is for the world… because when it is hot for the world, it is cool for the saints of God.”


The Cleric said that the wicked and evil people will have terrible time, but the church will be flourishing.

“To you that fear the Lord, you will not be partaker of it. You will read and hear about the evil that is befalling people worldwide, but you will be divinely exempted from evil.” He told his congregation.

Pastor Yomi assured every participate at the Crossover service shall encounter breakthrough in year 2022. “From one breakthrough to another.” He declared.

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  1. So, according to this pastor, only those who attended his crossover night would not experience the doom?

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