2023 Polls: Nigeria Needs Prayer To Overcome Evil Forces – Igbo Forum

The Igbo Elders Consultative Forum has urged Nigerians to intensify their prayers for the country ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

They made the call in Abuja after a special prayer meeting for the country by its prayer wing, the Ark Bearers of New Nigeria.

The Forum said the Intercessory Prayer Programme was needed for a peaceful conduct of the 2023 general elections.

A statement signed by Evang. Iwuchukwu Ezenwafor, the Leader of Ark Bearers of New Nigeria and Chief Dr. Chukwuemaka Ezeife, representing Igbo Elders Consultative Forum told Nigerians not to take the forthcoming elections for granted.

The Forum said the quality of the general elections would determine the future of the country’s democratic process.

They said after the meeting that “there came an explicit insight through divine revelation that the forthcoming electoral exercise has something to do with the corporate destiny and the future of our country, Nigeria.

“Nigeria as the leader/giant of Africa is not a mere coincidence but a standard bearer, pacesetter, trail blazer and a typical example of what an ideal developing country should be even in this prevailing democratic, electioneering process.”

It said “though certain notorious elements of disorder, wicked agents of destabilisation and habitual enemies of peace and progress masquerading as ethnic and religious bigots would likely choose to foment crisis, the overpowering ever presence and influence of God would supernaturally contain and neutralise their excesses to their own chagrin.”

The Forum further prayed that “all shades of usual electoral impunity, manipulations and diverse malpractices shall this time around not prosper against the perfect divine will of God and the sacrosanct cum popular will of the Nigerian masses.

“No electoral violence or electorally-induced crimes should be recorded in the course of the voting exercises nationwide.”

“Apparent level playing field should be availed by the INEC to individual candidates and political parties across board. No particular candidate or political party should be seen to be more important or relevant than the others.”

They warned that any individual or group that tried to thwart God’s will for the country would reap the consequences in the future.

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