2023 Presidency: “Moves To Draft Jonathan Into Race Is Commendable” – APC Chieftain

A Former Security Adviser to the Bayelsa State Government, Chief Perekeme Kpodoh has described as “commendable” the grand plot to draft President Goodluck Jonathan into the presidential race in 2023, saying the second coming of Jonathan will settle contentious issues of tribalism, sectionalism and promote unity in various parts of the country.

According to Kpodoh, the exit of Jonathan from the Presidency in 2015 and his activities as a nationalist outside office showed that he is most qualified as a man needed at this time in the life of the nation to promote peace, humility and knowledgeable at unifying the entire sections of the country.

Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, who is a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Bayelsa, said those opposed to the idea are among the multitude of politicians interested in plunging the country into ethnic and sectional crisis, “moves to draft Jonathan into the Presidential race is a welcome idea. The first Presidency journey of Jonathan and his peaceful exit was divine and ordained by God. And the new call is also divine at this point in the life of the Nation.”

“If you look at the six years of Jonathan Presidency, he was never selfish or sectional in dealing with issues of development and appointments. Jonathan never promoted tribal sentiments. He acted and took Nigeria as his constituency and never promoted violence in any form and under any guise. That is the Presidency needed to sustain the achievements of President Muhammad Buhari.”

Kpodoh recalled that though the pressure and criticism against Jonathan’s Presidency was high among his kinsmen from the South-South region, his style of handling such pressure while in office was admirable, ”when I study the way he acted during his Presidency, I awarded him a pass mark. The move to draft him showed that Nigerians appreciated his six years in office. We believe it is wise for us to bring him out and for Nigerians to accept him. And the North, West and the South-East should accept him”

He slammed the State Governors involved in the campaign to castigate the six years administration of Goodluck Jonathan as President. He recalled many of those who rated the Jonathan administration low including the Former Bayelsa Governor, have shown that their rating was political and selfish, “Anybody talking about a failed six years administration of Jonathan is rubbish. Many of those involved in the campaign to discredit Jonathan have failed their people”

“Those castigating Jonathan, did they do anything for 8years? a N32billion Oil money benefits to Bayelsa from Soku Money and it was diverted to private pockets. This happened under the last administration. Former President Jonathan did well for Nigeria and it is proper that Nigerians bring him back to solve some of the raging socio-economic problems.”

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