2023: Prince Odi Okojie, An Epitome of Integrity

Prince Odi Okojie, the quintessential political icon of our time is a man of several definitions to several people.

A leader is one whose personality is so influential that it connects even with the people especially the masses.

A leader becomes hope to the aspirations of common people, and impacts on their dreams interestingly that his personality begins to serve as pathway to achieving unthinkable goals by anyone directly or remotely connected to his leadership ideology and practice.

His life has been a success story of leadership by example, humility, political consistency, total loyalty to the progressive cause, devotion to principle, integrity, courage of conviction and uncommon contentment.

Prince Odi Okojie is a man of repute, accomplished entrepreneur, astute politician, and a die hard politician, who has served as a moral compass to his people.



Prince Odi never leads from behind; he is often in the front line when a goal is to be achieved. He is a team player and a motivation to achieve successes.

As an accomplished Real Estate Developer, Prince Odi has contributed to human capacity development by moulding the lives of numerous youths who are now independent in the socio-economic and political life in Esan Southeast in particular, and Nigeria at large.

Let’s Support and Nominate Prince Odi Okojie As Member Representating Esan Southeast And Esan North East Federal Constituency


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