2024: APC Youth Leader, Dele Ojeifo Urges Support For Dr Umakhihe Ahead Of APC Primaries

The APC Youth Leader in ward 9 of Owan East Local Government, Dele Ojeifo, has called on leaders and youth in state to throw their support behind Dr. Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe as the party’s candidate for the forthcoming governorship election in Edo State.

Ojeifo emphasized the need for unity and solidarity within the party in order to achieve victory in the primaries and the general upcoming election. He highlighted Dr. Umakhihe’s qualities, stressing that he is a competent and visionary leader who has the capacity to transform the state and improve the lives of its citizens.

Dr Umakhihe is an exceptional leader who has dedicated his life to public service and has proven himself as a capable and competent individual. He possesses the necessary experience and qualifications to lead our state to greater heights.

I am confident that with Dr Umakhihe as our governor, we will see significant improvements in the overall well-being of our people. His leadership will bring about positive change and economic growth, which will benefit all residents of Owan East Local Government and Edo state at large.

I believe it is crucial to have a leader who understands and prioritizes the needs of young people. Dr Umakhihe has already demonstrated his commitment to empowering the youth through various programs and initiatives aimed at providing them with opportunities for growth and development

Ojeifo further called on the youth to resist being used as pawns for violence and instead, focus on promoting a peaceful and united front in support of Dr. Umakhihe’s candidacy.

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