2024 Budget: Tinubu’s Govt To Spend N346 Billion On Presidential Air Fleet, Vehicles And Welfare Packages

The projected expenditure for the Presidential Air Fleet, welfare packages, maintenance, renovations, and other expenses in the 2024 Budget is estimated to reach N346 billion.

Of particular note is the spark increase in the allocation to the Presidency, which has seen an 83.58% increment from the previous year, a move that has raised eyebrows given the declining government revenues and prevailing economic hardships.

According to TrackNews Media Correspondence, the breakdown reveals intricate details, such as N20.52 billion earmarked for the Presidential Air Fleet, including allocations for aircraft maintenance, fueling, and engine overhauls.


Additionally, hefty sums have been designated for State House operational vehicles, renovations of presidential quarters, and digitalization initiatives.

Critics have been quick to question the rationale behind these escalating expenditures, especially at a time when citizens are grappling with economic challenges.

Civil society leaders, including James Ugochukwu from the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room and Andrew Mamedu of ActionAid Nigeria, have expressed dismay, labelling the budget increases as unjustifiable and stressing the need to focus on initiatives directly impacting citizens’ welfare and security.


Ugochukwu, said, “The increase at this material time is unjustifiable and uncalled for, given the economic situation in the country. This is a government that came into power with the promise that they are going to cut the cost of governance, of which we don’t see that happening given some of the provisions they made in the 2024 budget.

“The question we should be asking is where are we going to get the funds to run all these increases that are coming up? As it stands now, what exactly is it that they want to use all these increases to do? What particular line items have been changed that warrant this increase? These are the questions Nigerians should be asking.”

Auwal Rafsanjani, the Executive Director of the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, voiced concerns about what is perceived as reckless.


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