2024 Guber: APC Has Not Taken Decision On Zoning -Jarrett Tenebe

The leadership of All Progressives Congress (APC) has been inundated by enquiries on news report that our great party has zoned the 2024 Governorship  to Edo South.

Responding to the development, The Deputy APC State chairman, Jarrett Tenebe who is acting on election matter said the report from midwestherald.ng is fake.

As a party with strong democratic tenet, we hereby uniquovocally state that, the APC has not taken decision on issue of zoning. there was nowhere a meeting of such was held to take such a decision.

We have encouraged all aspirants to interface with our teeming members across the state, because they will decide on who picks the ticket of party.

APC is prepared to reclaim Edo and deliver her people from anguish of the divided Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that have lost focus.

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