2024 Guber: Group Blasts Dan Orbih Over Comments On Party’s Choice Of Aspirant In Edo

A group on the platform of Edo South Vanguard for Equity and Justice (ESVEJ), has frowned at the recent comments made by the National Vice Chairman, South-South of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Dan Orbih, where he accused the state governor, Godwin Obaseki of imposing a total stranger on them.

The group said that such comments are capable of fanning the ember of disaffection in the party.

The group also said using such unprintable words on the current governor and casting aspersions on the leading governorship aspirant of the party, Dr. Asue Ighodalo is not in the best interest of the party.

The group said referring to him as a stranger or “a person who just joined the party”, doesn’t demonstrate the true love and unity which the party is known for over the years.

The group said they were responding to a video seen online where the former state party chairman was speaking in what looks like a gathering in his parlour, saying that Edo PDP delegates won’t support an aspirant who joined the party yesterday who is being backed by Governor Godwin Obaseki, obviously referring to Dr Asue Ighodalo, as he is the most recent entrant to the party, officially, even without evidence he is favoured by the Governor as is being mouthed by opponents.

In a press statement signed by the group’s coordinator, Pastor Johnson Adole, the group is asking Chief Orbih to name the delegates he has control over, stating that the Ogbona-born politician can only control delegates from his compound in his village.

The statement reads in parts;

“We watched in total dismay and astonishments, the National Vice Chairman South-South of our great party, PDP, Chief Dan Orbih, speaking to a group of party faithful in his living room, speaking with so much bitterness, openly attacking Governor Godwin Obaseki, accusing him of imposing Asue Ighodalo on the party.

“We, as a group, have concluded that the respected leader should embrace peace and allow the unity currently being experienced in the party to continue.

“That Godwin Obaseki is not imposing any candidate on the party but advise the governor not to dignify the unwanted attack with any response and stay focused on his efforts at transforming the state so he doesn’t get distracted

“That Asue Ighodalo has right to aspire for any position in Nigeria and of course in Edo state as well, being a free born citizen of the state”.

The group in its statement, maintained that Chief Orbih has no monopoly over PDP delegates and as such, does not reserve the power he is arrogating to himself.

The statement alleged that, Chief Dan Orbih is known to be openly moving against Esan governorship, which negates the doctrine of equity, justice and fairness which this organization stands for. The group stated it would have understood his stance if he was advocating for an Afemai Governor but he is instead rooting for an Aspirant from the very same LG as the current Governor just because he wants his own toy-governor. This shows a disdain for his own people with a slave mindset.

It stated further that Orbih should be advised to allow peace to be sustained in the party as he is a known politician who loves being in opposition even when his own party is in government.

They advised that Orbih should stop creating division in the party by using the name “Legacy PDP forum” which actually doesn’t exist.

The group in their conclusion, reemphasized their commitment to the aspiration of Dr Ighodalo as a group that is in support of the governorship moving to Edo Central, having stayed in Edo South for eight years and earlier eight years in Edo North.

The group called on the good people of Edo state and particularly PDP delegates from Edo South to ignore what they called the “ranting” of a politician who has lost relevance even in his ward”.

The group therefore, called on the national leadership of the party to call Orbih to order as it was his antic that led to the party performing poorly during the last general election with his unholy alliance with the APC, which is plan B for him again especially now that his political benefactor, Nyesom Wike, is fully in bed with the APC dancing from office to office in the villa like the village clown.

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