2024: Obaseki Allegedly Presents Asue Ighodalo To Ogbesia, Others As His Preferred Candidate

In a bid to secure his successor for the upcoming gubernatorial elections in Edo State, Governor Godwin Obaseki has presented Asue Ighodalo to Senator Ugbesia as his preferred candidate. The governor has reportedly been meeting with various stakeholders in the state to endorse Ighodalo, a prominent businessman and philanthropist.

However, some PDP leaders are not in favor of Obaseki’s chosen successor and have vowed to frustrate his attempts to impose Ighodalo on the party. These leaders argue that the governor’s decision undermines the democratic process within the PDP and goes against the principles of fair play.

The tussle over who becomes the PDP candidate in Edo State has intensified as the election draws closer, with different factions within the party vying for control and influence. In the midst of all this, Ighodalo’s candidacy remains controversial, with some questioning his political experience and grassroots support.

Governor Obaseki is set to present Ighodalo to more PDP leaders in the state in the coming weeks, hoping to garner their support and secure a smooth path to victory in the elections. Only time will tell if his efforts will pay off, or if the dissenting voices within the party will prevail.

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