2024: Ogbegie Urges Edo Voters to Reject Mediocre Candidates

By Anastasia Okechukwu

Barr. Daniel Noah Osa-Ogbegie, a renowned political activist and former Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Uhunmwode Ward 2, has called on the people of Edo State to come together and prevent a mediocre candidate from becoming governor.
Osa-Ogbegie made the call in a recent statement criticizing the support for APC gubernatorial candidate Okpebholo, arguing that the backing is not due to Okpebholo’s abilities or potential as a governor but rather because supporters want to boost their own political careers by ensuring an APC victory.
“You can gauge the quality of people’s thoughts, personality, and character by the candidate they support and their reasons for doing so,” Osa-Ogbegie said.
“No APC supporter backs Okpebholo because they believe he has the capability or would be a good governor. They support him to further their own political ambitions.”
“My advice to Edo people is that they must bond together to ensure no mediocre candidate emerges as Governor. We must insist that our votes count and the best emerges to ensure prosperity for all Edo people. We must collectively pass a very strong message with this election that we are sophisticated,” he stated.
The legal luminary, Osa-Ogbegie emphasized the importance of the governorship, stating, “Our governor is our first line of defense. Edo people should only vote for someone we can all be proud of, not a naive, uneducated, incompetent bungler.”

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