2024: Why Col Imuse Should Resign As Edo State APC Chairman

It is no longer a secret that the All Progressive Congress APC state chairman, Col David Imuse has his eyes on the Edo State Governorship seat in 2024. As such, it would be wise for him to step down as Chairman and focus his energy on preparing for his gubernatorial bid. This would not only allow him to focus on his personal ambition, but also pave the way for a more competent individual to lead the part.

There are several reasons why Edo state APC state chairman, Col David Imuse, should resign from his current position and focus on his Edo 2024 governorship ambition.

Firstly, it is important for the state chairman to be impartial and neutral in his role. However, Imuse has been meeting with the stakeholders and Traditional rulers across the state openly to inform them about his ambition to run for the governorship position in 2024. This raises concerns about his ability to fairly and objectively handle party affairs, as his personal interests may influence his decisions and actions.

Secondly, Imuse’s focus on his governorship ambition may distract him from effectively carrying out his duties as the state chairman. The role of the state chairman is crucial in ensuring the smooth running of the party, coordinating party activities, and promoting party unity. If Imuse is preoccupied with his personal political agenda, it may hinder his ability to fulfill these responsibilities effectively.

Thirdly, Imuse’s continued presence as the state chairman may create divisions within the party. Other party members who have their own governorship ambitions may feel marginalized or overshadowed by Imuse’s aspirations. This could lead to internal conflicts and a lack of cohesion within the party, which is detrimental to its overall success.

However, for the sake of party unity, impartiality, and effective leadership, it is in the best interest of Edo state APC for Col David Imuse to resign from his position as the state chairman and focus on his Edo 2024 governorship ambition. This will allow for a more neutral and efficient leadership within the party.

Edo State APC needs a dynamic and inclusive Chairman who can unite the party, restore order and lead the party to victory in the forthcoming elections.

Prince Raf Jimoh Omogbai wrote from Jattu Uzairue

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