3 Things A Man Does That Have A Negative Impact On His Private Organ

Certain habits and actions a man does can increase his odds of having irritation or injury, or even develop a condition that results in erectile dysfunction.

And since anything that threatens the health of a man’s private organ also threatens his intimate life, you need to know about them.

Here are some culprits that can has a negative impact on a man’s private organ.

They are:

1. Excess drinking of alcohol: When a man downs too much alcohol in one sitting, he sets himself up for erection issues later on.

Alcohol can lessen mood and intimate desire and make it difficult to achieve pleasures.

Sober men are more likely to have it stronger and drinking can also reduce intensity of pleasure and sensation.

Excess drinking can also result in STDs and pregnancies, because when a man is drunk, he’s not thinking clearly and taking safe intimate precautions.

Moderate drinking for men means consuming no more than 2 drinks per day. Anything beyond this number can increase his risk.

2. Being overweight or obese: It is commonly known that obese men have lower levels of testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone that powers the male’s intimate drive and intimate functioning, and having low levels of it can make a man unable to sustain an erection or even be interested in lovemaking.


Being overweight or obese also puts him at risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, and those in turn can keep him from getting it up by constricting blood flow to his private organ.

Anything that helps decrease the amount of fat in his body will help a man’s testosterone levels rise and his risk of chronic conditions reduces.

3. Inadequate sleep: Not having adequate sleep at nights can affect a man and also lower his interest in getting it on and mess with his performance when he does.

Not getting enough sleep do not only lead to loss of libido, but can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Staying up too late also has an effect on testosterone. Lack of sleep is one factor that can significantly reduce testosterone levels, which is an important factor in erectile dysfunction.

The solution is simple: Go to bed early so you can have 7-8 hours of sleep every night.


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