3 Years After She Said Snake Swallowed N36 Million From Jamb Office, Where Is Philomena And Her Boss?

3 years ago, something really weird happened in Nigeria as the money meant for youth for their jamb reportedly went missing, and when the woman, Philomena Chiesa who was a clerk, working for Mr Samuel Umoru said a snake swallowed a huge money which is around N36 Million. It was really absurd that statement like that could come out from someone, and really it’s very sad.

Philomena Chiesa is a clerk who work in Jamb Office. Her boss was Samuel Umoru who connived with Philomena Chiesa to embezzle the money. According to Chiesa, she revealed that it was her boss that that withdraw all the money in piecemeal.

According to reports and investigation, Chiesa warned her boss about using the jamb funds for his own personal use but it felt on deaf ears.


It was reported that a state in Nigeria is expected to remit a total of N124.1 Million naira in all state after selling 124,180 slot at N1000 each but the office was only able to remit N88.7 Million falling short of N35.4 million which made EFCC probe Philomena, who said it was swallowed by snake but later revealed that it was his boss, Samuel Umoru that embezzled the funds.


Now, where is Madam Philomena and her boss, Mr Samuel Umoru?

According to reports, the culprit was arrested and are facing legal actions but they have been on the trial since 2018 which is still yet unsolved as case continued in court. However, the only last thing that was heard about the case was in March, as the case was adjourned to June last year but till now nothing has been heard of them.

It’s been 3 years and their case is not yet wrapped up.


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