4 Foods To Eat After Eating Poison

Someone can mistakenly eat foods or drink waters that are contaminated with disease-producing agents.

They might need to receive first aid treatment before being taken to the hospital.

Some people don’t go to the hospital before recovering from food poisoning.
There are foods they can quickly eat to make their bodies oppose the effects of the poison.
When you eat toxic food, you will notice that you have stomach pain, you might vomit, or have regular and watery bowel movements.

Someone can mistakenly eat food poison from the pathogens found in vegetables, fruits, meat that is not well cooked, and eggs.

According to Healthline, the following foods can help you recover when you eat food poison:

1. You need to, first of all, stay away from drinking or eating anything for a while.

After that, try to drink water to keep your body hydrated because you must have lost a lot of body fluids after having watery bowel movements and vomiting.

Drink energy drinks and carbonated drinks that don’t have caffeine. You can also drink tea that doesn’t have caffeine.


2. Avoid foods that are high in fat because they will be difficult to digest when having gastrointestinal infections.

Ensure you only eat foods that are easy to digest, such as oatmeal, bananas, rice, and potatoes.

3. Our body has a natural way of getting rid of toxins.
Allow the digestive system of your body to purge itself and avoid using medications that stop stooling.
Eat only foods that will help your body to do its natural cleansing.

During this process, you can drink ginger tea to make your stomach feel better.

4. You can drink pure yogurt or use probiotic pills.

This will help your body recover the beneficial bacteria that your intestinal tract has lost when you purge due to food poisoning.

Avoid drinking alcohol, fruit juice, fried foods, and milk so that it won’t worsen your condition


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