5 Reasons Why Breasts Sag


There are many misconceptions about why some women have saggy breasts.

Sagging or saggy breasts are breasts that look like they are falling and are not round or perky.

Some say that having too much sex makes breasts sag, others believe that not wearing a bra, or wearing a bad bra will cause breasts to sag but, these are not true.

Even though for some people it is just the natural way breasts are. These are what might lead to sagging breasts.

1. Ageing

Ageing is one of the major factors that cause breasts to sag. Small breasts, big breasts, all will fall with age.

2. Smoking

Smoking also causes breasts to sag because it accelerates the aging process.


Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products cause elastin to break down in the body, and this makes the breast tissue sag.

3. Birth control pills

Hormonal birth control pills cause some changes in your breast size by retaining water and increasing hormones that make breasts bigger. This can lead to sagging breasts.

4. Breastfeeding and multiple pregnancies

Breastfeeding and multiple pregnancies also cause hormonal changes and makes your milk duct expand.

5. Size

Finally, having a large breast would make it more vulnerable to sagging because of gravity


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