5 Signs A Marriage Will Be Violent Before It Even Begins

When you meet someone new, these are the innocuous signs that physical violence is lurking.

According to experts, “1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will experience physical violence from an intimate partner.”


When it comes to domestic abuse in relationships and marriages, it’s best to avoid such situations before it becomes harder to leave because of marital, family and children obligations.

If the relationship hasn’t begun, and you smell a proverbial rat, run for your dear life.

Here are some warning signs:

1. Dual personalities or mood swings
Sometimes, the person acts like they are so sweet and nice, they make you feel very special and important. Other times, they are mean-spirited and harsh, preferring to manipulate you with silence and other forms of punishment.

Mood swings are also red flags; you don’t want to spend your life catering to their emotions.

2. Anger issues
Do they act irrationally when angry? Like scream, punch the wall or kick furniture items? When a person raises their voice when arguing, it’s because they have lost control of the conversation and they want to intimidate you by asserting control and dominance. Shouting at you is a form of verbal abuse meant to diminish you. Don’t allow it; leave immediately.


3. They tear you down with words
When their words belittle you, insult your physical appearance, finances, family and behaviour, that is a huge warning sign. If he/she is hellbent on you submitting or acting the way they like, then take your leave immediately.

4. They isolate you from others
If they don’t like any of your friends or family members, they want you all to themselves and sell an ‘us against the world’ ideology, run from them. Healthy relationships are not codependent.

5. Control and jealousy
These (control and jealousy) flow from isolation. They might question your loyalty, go through your phones and social media to find out if you are cheating and even accuse you of cheating all in a bid to isolate you further.



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