6 Behaviours That Can Retard Hair Growth


For you to maximize your hair’s potential, you have to avoid certain mistakes that cause breakage, hair loss, thinning and even retard the growth of your hair.

Not washing your hair

Dirt and product buildup on your scalp will not only cause itchiness and irritation but may also hinder growth.

Always ensure that you’re shampooing your hair at least once a week and also using clean combs afterward cause, what’s the point of washing hair then going ahead to comb it with dirty brushes.

Overstretching your hair


Again, whether you’re slicking back your hair, doing twist outs, cornrows, etc, do not put too much strain on the hair. Even when untangling, always be very gentle with the hair.

Poor diet and stress

You are what you eat. At the end of the day, a poor diet will reflect on the outside. Your hair follicles need protein for your hair to grow.

Ensure that you are eating foods rich in Vitamin A and C and also foods rich in biotin or taking biotin supplements to help with hair growth.

Over bleaching your hair

If you’re the kind to color your hair a little too often, well, that will damage your hair a lot. Bleach your hair in moderation.

Blow drying your hair on very high heat

Heat can cause damage to your hair so always ensure you’re using low heat to dry your hair and if you can, you should actually let it dry naturally to avoid any damage or retard the growth of your hair.

Relying only on oil

Most of us assume that simply oiling the hair is enough. If you want your hair to grow, you need to invest in great products for your hair.

Not just oils, but also hair creams, and high-quality products, both natural and chemical-based, full of protein and moisture, that will help your hair grow and make it healthy


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