6 Early Signs Of Breast Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore


Breast cancer can affect men too, though it is much less common. The signs are very similar in men and finding a lump in your breast is the most common early symptom of breast cancer.

However, it isn’t the only sign to look out for. Here are six signs you shouldn’t ignore:

A hard, painless lump

Finding a lump in your breast can be alarming but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer. Your breasts change over time with age and hormonal fluctuations but if you’ve been told you’re high risk or if the lump has been there for more than one menstrual cycle then it’s a good idea to get it checked out.

Changes in the shape or size of one breast


Sometimes you might not feel a lump but the entire breast or an area of it can swell up, making it look bigger than your other breast.

Cancer can also cause one of your breasts to shrink or change shape. Most women’s breasts are slightly different sizes to each other but if you notice a change then see your doctor.

Dimpled skin on part of the breast

Dimpling of the skin on part of your breast, making it look or feel like an orange skin, is another sign to look out for concerning breast canceer. It can be caused by a tumour pulling on the skin and could be a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer.

Changes to one or both nipples

Look out for changes to your nipples. If one or both of them becomes crusty and sore it’s best to get it checked. You may notice discharge from your nipples when you’re not breastfeeding or inverted or flat nipples that may start pointing inwards. If your nipples are naturally inverted it isn’t a cause for concern unless you notice a change.

A red or hot area on the breast

Inflammatory breast cancer can cause redness or a hot area to develop on your skin.

This can also be a symptom of mastitis, an infection caused by a blocked milk duct that can happen if you’re breastfeeding.

Lumps in the armpit

Cancer cells can break away from the breast and the first place they will move to is usually the lymph nodes in the same armpit as your affected breast.

If you notice hard lumps in this area don’t panic as it could be caused by something unrelated but get it checked just to be sure


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