6 Signs A Woman Shows When She Has Feelings For You

Women also fall in love just as men do, but most of them won’t just come to your face and tell you they are in love with you, they just keep it to themselves.

Some men find it hard to tell if a woman has feelings for them or not because women might not show their affection physically as men do.

Women show certain behaviors or characters when they are in love, they don’t just walk to a guy and say. Hey, I am in love with you. But research shows some women also pick interest in the type of man they love and tell it to their faces.

Here are some signs you will see in a woman if she has feelings for you.


1. She Tries Things You Like.

When a woman is in love with you or has feelings for you, she will be willing to try new things because of you. Things to get your attention: she might like to participate in things you cherish such as watching football, playing games etc. Anything that will make her connected to you, she will try it.

2. She Tells Her Friends About You.

When a woman has feelings for you, there is a high probability she will discuss you to her friends. Her friends will know little about you because in one or two conversations your name will pop out into their conversions.

3. She Compliments Your Outfits And Looks.

When a woman admire you, she would always like to compliment your outfits and looks. A woman who doesn’t like or admire you might not admire your outfits or talk more about your looks.


4. She Calls You More Often.

A woman who has feelings or admire you will always want to be in a conversation with you. She might call, text you often. Once you see this sign in a woman, it means she wants to be more than a friend to you.

If she regularly calls you, text you. Like to know about things happening around you, there are high chances such a woman is interested in you.

5. She Visits You More Often Or Invite You To Her Place.

Most women visit men they trust, not just random men. When a woman likes or has feelings for you, she would like to know more about you. Such women don’t mind spending time with you because she likes you, and she’s very comfortable staying with you.

6. She Replies Your Message Instantly.

A woman who has feelings for you won’t take time in replying your message because she enjoys chatting and having conversation with you. She sees your message or conversation as more valuable than any other thing. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t have other people texting her, but she sees you as more valuable in her life because she’s in love or has feelings for you.

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