6 Things That Happen When You Have S*x While High Or Drunk

An explanation of how alcohol and marijuana (weed) affect sex was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

24 young adults from New York City participated in this study to determine sexual experiences when weed and alcohol were used before sexual activity. It was a small sample size, so the research might not be as authoritative.

1. Weed and alcohol affect orgasm

Alcohol was associated with a more heightened sexual experience, while marijuana made sex more tantric, slow and loving.

While some people believed that getting high on weed caused orgasms to be more intense, others found it impossible to orgasm. Similarly, alcohol made some people have prolonged or delayed orgasm, while others said that getting intoxicated made them orgasm faster.


2. Alcohol and weed can cause problems with sexual performance or make it better

Drunk people felt numb during sex, but those who were high felt the sensations more intensely.

Drunkenness affects sexual performance by causing problems like erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and sleeping off during sex. Some weed users also claimed weed had a negative effect on their sexual performance, but these were more psychological than physical.

3. Alcohol and weed makes people feel sexy

Many of the participants said that both weed and alcohol made them feel sexier and more confident with their bodies, though participants said this more about drinking alcohol.


4. Alcohol makes people engage in sexual activity with people they might regret, but weed doesn’t
Both drugs were said to have an impact on one’s choice of sexual partner, but participants said they were more likely to sleep with someone they regretted when drunk. Those who are high on weed are more likely to have sex with those they know, but when drunk, they would have sex with strangers and people they would have never wanted to when sober.

5. You are more likely to make fatal mistakes when drunk
When you have drunken sex with a stranger, there are many consequences. One is the shame you feel the next morning, but worse than that is having sex without a condom, recording yourself, taking pictures or texting about it.

6. Alcohol and weed affect how long sex lasts

Many of the participants of the study said when they were intoxicated, sex lasted longer, this is probably due to the numbing effects of alcohol on the body. Weed also makes sex last longer, but their sense of time might have been altered.

At the end of the day, everyone reacts different to weed and alcohol

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