6 Ways To Care For Your Natural Hair At Low Cost

You do not need to be in debt because you want to care for your natural hair. There are simple and intentional ways to take care of your hair, regardless of your hair type, and save money while at it.

1. Washing your hair by yourself

Pre-pooing, washing, and post-pooing are important for natural hair when it comes to washing it. When you wash your hair yourself, you get to use your products more than once. Imagine spending money at the salon to wash your hair.

2. Protective styling

Another way to care for your natural hair and save costs is to make protective hairstyles. These hairstyles can easily be maintained and treated with things like the spray bottle, hair oils, hair bonnets, and leave-in conditioner, to mention a few DIY treatment processes.


3. Maintenance

Even without your hair styled, it is possible to maintain natural hair using Natural oils, hair butter, water, a hair bonnet for protection, and spray bottles for product application. Note that some are not for one-time use, and you can save money.


4. Hairstyling

You can style your hair by yourself from the comfort of your home. Gel, leave-in conditioner, hair grips, hair bands, and combs can help you care for your natural hair.

5. Join a community

Joining a community would help you feel safe and not alone in your struggles as you care for natural hair. People would share hacks, concerns, solutions, dos and don’ts.

6. Remember to engage wisely

Above all, remember to streamline the information or content that you consume. There are hair educators all over the place, and there are courses and many resources to guide you, but remember to engage wisely

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