7 Reasons Women Don’t Get Wet Even When Aroused

Have you ever wondered why some women don’t get wet even when they are aroused?

Similar to how erections are for men, a woman’s natural lubrication is frequently a sign of arousal.

A woman’s arteries widen during sexual arousal, so more blood flow travels to the vaginal area. The blood rush causes a variety of vaginal glands and mucous cells to release fluids that makes sense easier.


But there are some times when she isn’t as wet as she is supposed to and lubrication will be required.

Here are some reasons why she might need extra lubrication.


1. There was little foreplay
The first thing to ask if a woman complained of less lubrication during sex is, ‘Is there enough foreplay going on?’ Without foreplay, it is hard for a woman to get wet.

2. Yeast infections
Vaginal dryness can result from certain types of vaginitis; often, yeast infections can cause it.

3. Birth control pills

A low-dose birth control pill can result in decreased lubrication since estrogen is the hormone that causes lubrication.

4. She isn’t the type of woman who gets wet
Some people generate too little, too much, or somewhere in between vaginal wetness, if you generate too little then you need lubrication. It’s just how your body works.

5. Medications

Many medications can interfere with your capacity to become moist. Antihistamines are first in line. These widely used over-the-counter medications can dry out your vagina.

6. Thyroid and immune diseases
Thyroid conditions and immune system issues do not only dry out the eyes and mouth but the vagina.

7. Smoking
One of the many negative consequences of smoking? Smoking reduces blood flow through the body. An increase in blood flow to the area causes vaginal lubrication.


There is no shame in using lubrication if you can’t get naturally wet, if anything it makes sex more enjoyable.

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