7 Things Nigerian Men Do That Drive Women Insane

Not to opine that women are without flaws, but men appear to take the cake when it comes to habits that drive the other gender insane.

Nigerian men have their moments of sweetness, but let’s be honest, there are times when they do things that just drive women crazy.

It’s like they have no clue about what to say or how to act in different situations. In truth, some Nigerian men can be overbearing, insensitive, and misogynistic. It’s downright frustrating!

Just like men can be put off by certain things women do, Nigerian women have their fair share of pet peeves when it comes to Nigerian men. Now, keep in mind that we’re not saying every Nigerian man behaves this way, but these particular actions can really cause frustration in relationships and even friendships. So guys take note, so as to avoid these.

Here are some of the things women hate about Nigerian men:


Claiming men are polygamous in nature
When Nigerian men use the excuse that “men are polygamous in nature,” it’s just a silly way to justify cheating. Sadly, many men have gotten away with this excuse for far too long. This mentality is not only irritating, but it also shows a lack of understanding. It’s like saying, “We can’t help but cheat because our sexual urges control us like animals.”

Nigerian women despise this. I mean anybody can cheat, regardless of gender. It all comes down to a conscious decision to remain faithful. It’s a simple reality that many of these men fail to grasp.

Men really need to recognise that faithfulness is a choice and to take responsibility for their actions, instead of hiding behind these outdated excuses.

Focusing on their phones on a date

This behaviour is annoying and downright disrespectful. Why would someone invite you on a date if they’re going to be engrossed in their phone the entire time?

When a man constantly checks his phone or focuses more on scrolling through social media than engaging in conversation, it sends a clear message that he’s not fully invested in the moment neither does he value you as a woman.

Nigerian men need to stop this behaviour. If they can’t commit to concentrating on the person you came on a date with, it’s better not to extend the invitation in the first place. Simple courtesy demands that you give your undivided attention. It’s respect.

Not taking care of their hygiene
This is an instant turn-off. Imagine meeting someone for the first time, only to be greeted by a mouth odour that leaves you recoiling. And that’s not all. Some men can be so dirty that just one look at their apartment would have you running in the opposite direction.


How can you wear the same boxers for a week? Really? And then you have the audacity to claim “alpha male” on Twitter. Please fix up sir.

Women appreciate men who are clean and smell good.

When they say, ‘you’re better than other girls’
Normally, guys intend this as a compliment, but it is not. You do not have to insult my gender to compliment me.

Being misogynistic

You’ve probably seen them on Twitter, those so-called “alpha males” who always find ways to put women down. They make unfair generalisations, insulting women and accusing them of being gold diggers, when there is in fact, no gold to be dug.

We can’t deny that there are people who do terrible things, but you shouldn’t judge everyone based on the actions of a few. Take time to heal from past experiences so you can approach each new person with an open mind without venge.

Never apologising

One of the things that can be really frustrating is when these men refuse to apologise. Their egos are as big as Mount Everest.

It’s simple, just say sorry. It won’t hurt you, but instead of apologising, they’d rather choose to gaslight women and make it seem like they’re not at fault for whatever happened.


A real man knows to set aside his ego and own up to his mistakes by giving a sincere apology when he’s in the wrong.

Expecting you to spend the night with them because they took you on a date
Expecting a woman to spend the night just because you took her on a date is some serious entitlement. Seriously, this needs to stop! Just because you treated her to a meal or some fun doesn’t mean she owes you anything in return. When it comes to sex, the decision is entirely up to her.

Forcing or demanding access to her body is a big no-no. And the guilt trips! Making her feel like she did something wrong for saying no? That’s not cool, guys. A real man knows better than to pull that entitled act. A woman won’t appreciate it either.

Respect her boundaries, and let her decide if and when she’s comfortable taking things to a more intimate level. It’s all about mutual understanding, open communication, and respecting each other’s choices.

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