Abuja Insecurity: Wike Announces Major Arrests, Gives Fresh Update


FCT minister Nyesom Wike has given fresh update on his administration’s efforts toward stamping out kidnappings and bandits attacks in Abuja.

Addressing a town hall meeting on Friday, Wike announced the arrest of some informants allegedly working for kidnappers operating in some parts of the capital city.

Wike declared that the kidnappers and their informants will face the law.

“The president has asked me to come here today. The other day I was in Bwari and next week I will go to Kwali,” Wike said in Pidgin.

“Security is one thing the president promised Nigerians because his job is to protect lives and property. If we can’t protect lives and property, then we have no reason to be in government.

“The president has asked me to assure you that he will not abandon you. So, all these criminals, be ready. Your time is up. You know if I say I will do something, I will do it. And now that I am here today, if you know you are an informant or even one of the criminals, the end has come for you. I and security agencies will follow you to the point that you won’t enter Gwagwalada again.

“Some of the people giving them information, we have arrested them. If they haven’t arrested you, it doesn’t mean that we won’t arrest you tomorrow or even before we leave this place”.

Wike told the representative of the FCT Police Commissioner to work out the modalities for more divisions in the council.

“The CP should work out how we can provide two more police divisions in Gwagwalada. We must do this immediately. It is a security matter and must not be bogged down by bureaucratic bottlenecks.

“The president has given me power to buy more vehicles. By next week, we shall give more vehicles to all police stations. We shall give them modern communication gadgets.

“The president has said he does not want to hear any story of kidnapping in Abuja again and the security agencies have promised to rise to the occasion. We are very serious. We are not playing. But we need your support too because security agencies cannot do this work alone. They need information. When you give them information, they will work better.”

He again reiterated his earlier advice to residents to stop crowdfunding for ransom, saying such action only serves to fuel more kidnapping.

Wike said: “It is also not good to go on the radio to raise ransoms. It is a way of encouraging criminals. We know it is not easy when your people are in captivity but we have to avoid raising ransom. It fuels the activities of kidnappers.”

The minister also approved in principle a request by the Council chairman for the demolition of some uncompleted structures which he said criminals had been using as their safe havens.

“By Monday, the chairman should bring the letter for me to approve the demolition of uncompleted structures where criminals are hibernating. Don’t behave like civil servants. Today is Friday. Ensure you bring the letter by Monday and I will be happy to approve it”, he stated.

Earlier, chairman of Gwagwalada Area Council, Alhaji Abubakar Jibrin Giri had said the council had not suffered many attacks since last year, but requested for more police divisions.


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