Actress Halima Abubakar Thanks Controversial Blog For Fighting Her Battles


Famous Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, has expressed her gratitude in a heartfelt letter to the controversial online blog, Gistlover, for its support.

She observed how the anonymous blog exploited her personal suffering and pursued the offenders, whether they were complicit or not.

Halima stated that she believed that the blogger would provide the same courtesy to the late MohBad, whose cause of death is yet unknown.

She mentioned that she had fervently prayed to support the late singer’s cause on the blog, but due to her ongoing recovery, she was unable to fulfill that desire.

She described how Gistlover used to drag her but has since transformed into her warrior and has been assisting her in her pursuit of justice.

“Good morning gistlovers…

“I hope this open letter meets you in peace. I want to use this opportunity to say thank you for all you do. I know the extent you went to fight for me. You took my private pains and fought the perpetrators. Whether they agreed or not…I knew you would fight for the late Mohbad and for that alone. God will continue to fight for your cause.

“A great cause to fight stated this evolution and I know we must get justice….Even as I’m still recovering and can’t really participate in this particular situation, His spirit is fighting heavenly…MohBad won’t rest until the culprits…And the family gets justice…I know how you stood up for me and were still fighting when I couldn’t really talk. In my head I was like this blog dey drag me well, now I can’t believe the same blog is fighting for me and others…may heaven bless you.

“As you fight for others and lose so many pages cause of it, I know you mean well…May Allah fight for you, as you fight for others…Thank you for not being biased or have taught others to be human with their blogs…keep leading and inspiring the world…Thank you for your fighting spirit and never-let-go will take you far. You started an evolution and God will see you through it…

“Gistlover fights for a good cause. More grace and God bless you.

“Ps: when people reach out people ignore and hate you or call you names. They never help. But you see them shedding fake tears of regret…you won’t be buried with your think they are happy reaching out? You see life can happen to anyone…



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