Afemai Reporters Congratulates Edo APC Chieftain, Tenebe On His Birthday


Publisher of Afemaireporters, Prince Raf Jimoh Omogbai praised Edo State APC deputy Chairman, Emperor Jarrett-Tenebe “courage, forthrightness and diligence in providing exemplary and broadminded leadership for APC party.”

Tenebe leadership’s example has steadily provided a ladder for budding leaders to grow and contribute to national development.

“Tenebe greatest strength lies in his ability to look beyond religious, ethnic and political stereotyping, embracing the reality of Nigeria as one entity,” Prince Raf was quoted as saying.

The APC Chieftain selfless service to the Afemai and Edo State at large and his many accomplishments in personal and public life readily comes to mind at a time like this and as a generous mind, he has continued to play significant roles in the growth and development of Edo State as a bridge-builder,”

“In the past years, Jarrett Tenebe has dedicated his life to the tenets and ethos of progressive politics with unwavering commitment, focus and dedication,” Prince Raf noted.

While wishing him more years, Prince Raf praised Tenebe “for his patriotism to Edo State cause, doggedness and tireless efforts to make APC party a strong political unit that can deliver on its promises to the Edo State people and overcome current and future challenges.”


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