Agbomhere Sends Congratulatory Message to Capt Hosa Okunbo On His 63rd Birthday

National President, Law Students Association of Nigeria, Dr Blessing Agbomhere, on Thursday congratulated Edo born business man, on his 63rd birthday, describing him as an inspiration to many people.

Agbomhere hailed the business mogul and philanthropist for his boldness and bravery in taking the business risks which have now paid off. He added that Captain Hosa has broken all business barriers and had helped to industrialise Nigeria, with the operations of his numerous businesses In Nigeria and beyond.

Dear Captain Hosa, my family and I congratulate you on your 63rd birthday.

Your life has been an inspiration to many. From a lowly background, you rose to the top by hard work and perseverance. You have shown that with resilience, we can always convert risks and challenges to opportunities.

You have made people and made lives a lot better through the employment opportunities you have created and your other humanitarian activities.

I wish you many more years in life. I pray that Allah grants all you need to continue to impact the lives of many more people, ” Agbomhere said.


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