Aisha Yesufu In Trouble Over Comment On Deborah Samuel’s Murder

Nigerians have berated Aisha Yesufu over comments on Deborah Samuel’s murder.

IDOMA VOICE had reported that the female student was burnt to death by her colleagues for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Deborah Samuel allegedly shared the offensive message in a school Whatsapp group. It was learned, that the blasphemous message drew the ire of the students, who overpowered school security, beat her to death, and set the body on fire.

The audio sighted by Newsone Nigeria revealed that Deborah Yakubu warned her classmates against posting religious things on class WhatsApp group chat.

She had said before her death; “Holy ghost fire, nothing would happen to me, is it by force you guys would always be sending this religious stuff in the group, the group wasn’t created for that, but rather as a notice for when there’s a test, assignment, exams, etc, not these nonsense Religious posts.


Reacting to the ugly incident in Sokoto State, Aisha Yesufu, a Nigerian activist and businesswoman, who co-founded the #BringBackOurGirls movement, took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter, to compare those who lynched the Christian girl to people “that lynch thieves”.

Aisha wrote: “If you are one of those that lynch thieves just take this moment to know that you and those sokoto students who killed their fellow student are the same. Hope you use this as a mirror into your despicable acts. No one has the right in anyway whatsoever to kill another. No one!”

Angry Nigerians took to Twitter to condemn her comment.


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