Akoko-Edo: Why Fourth Term Agenda Is Self-serving

By Tosin Omoluabi

Akoko-Edo has never had it so bad: That one person will seek to hold a whole race ransom by his greed and think that it is his birthright to remain in office, at all costs. Such a decision amounts to the squandering of a popular goodwill entrusted to him over and again in the last one decade. It is self-serving, and will breed hatred.

It is only greed and avarice that can inform such a desire by a person who has served three terms as a legislator to want a fourth term. Such a desire makes mockery of the intelligence of the stakeholders who have watched from the sidelines. It amounts to an insult take a people for granted and want to ride on them, roughshod.

Indeed what does a Representative seek to achieve if not for the money that could not be achieved in twelve years? Akoko-Edo people should not be deceived by the argument that a fourth term will allow them the opportunity of having their son become a high-ranking members of the National Assembly and go on to be a principal officer. It is a lame argument.

Akoko-Edo has overtime maintained a North and South zone for the House of Representatives. Everyone who has served as a representative from Akoko-Edo before now did one term of four years and at most two terms of eight years. Is eight years not enough time for anyone to actualize their vision for the people? In magnanimity, the people added an extra term for the current representative, who now wants a fourth and perhaps later a life term.

Agreed they were mainly from Northern zone like Balogun from Ekpesa in ward four, Hon CT Akpaja from Makeke in ward Five, Hon Sada from Sasaro in ward Seven, Tunde Lakoju from Ajoyo in ward Five and Sir (Col) Hon Tunde Akogun from Aiyegunle in ward Seven who did two terms each. Does it follow that since the present representative from Uneme Nekhua in ward nine is from the south he should be in office for life?


This obscene and disgusting fourth-term campaign is to say the least undemocratic and diabolic. It is completely blurred and unacceptable. It is very unfortunate that the very same people who campaigned against a third term bid in the past would stoop so low as to championing a fourth term.

The disgusting scenario is really not about respect for zoning between the North and south in Akoko-Edo. It is not about the quality of representation which is glaringly a monumental failure in all ramifications, the fact remains in whose interest is the aspirant who wants the fourth running? It is no longer about the people.


Fourth term agenda is alien and an anathema in Akoko-Edo land and it is a call to entrench disharmony, disunity and discord among a united and peaceful people, who have enjoyed living as one family for centuries. This avarice which has set the land on edge can willy-nilly, destroy the very fabric that has held her strong and together.

It is a long way far from the truth and a lie from the pit of hell. Akoko-Edo is wiser than assumed. To get a principal position in the Nigerian Senate or House of Representatives is about the proper connections, competence, charisma and the ability to navigate interests and sagacity. It is not by going for a fourth or life term.

It is pertinent to state here that Akoko-Edo cannot afford the mistake of re-electing a Representative with dubious projects, designed to amass personal wealth at the expense of the constituency while doling out tokens as empowerment packages for 12 years. Akoko-Edo need change.

The people are tired and are eagerly yearning for purposeful representation, devoid of outright selfishness. There are many qualified persons to go to the national assembly as our Representative. The rationale for a fourth term is shallow as it is standing on a pedestrian pedestal that cannot move us forward.


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