ALL APC Predict The Doom Of Governor Godwin Obaseki And His Travellers

A breastfeeding child will never know what it take’s the breast of a mother to bring out milk, And the child in the womb can never filled the scourging of the sun that is why they pushed to come outside the belly.
Governor Godwin OBaseki and his travellers didn’t know the value of the roof ( APC and Oshiomole) that cover their shame until their let to the other side (PDP) where impunity and Manipulation is the other of the day .

Edo People have been scammed by voting a godfather ( Godwin Obaseki) and the godsparty (PDP) into power in 2020 with the agenda called Mega ( Measurement of Edo Godfathers Agents). The PDPs instigated the crisis in APC just to squander Edo State money as usual in the Disguised of painting the APC red with Godfatherism during the 2020 Election but the man in a sheep clothes brought out the 🐺 wolf, and the dark 💓 heart in him. The evil spirit of stinginess, selfcentered, violence and pride that pushed him and his followers out of the All Progressive Congress APC that Comr. Adams Aliu Oshiomole endured and manage him for good three and a half years , now the godsparty PDP is crying fowl when the journey just biggan.

We the All Progressive Congress APC in Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo state used this medium to warn Mr Governor, his travellers and the People Democratic party PDP not to use this their internal crisis to Disturbed the peace of the state and also not use this crisis as an excuse or reasons for their expected failure in Edo State again as it was in the time of Formal Governor Chief Lucky Igbenedion tenure which as being rank as the worst Government in Edo State and it was PDPs Government.


We project Governor Godwin Obaseki’s lead state government to be worst than that of Chief Lucky Igbenedion’s Government by the time he will be leaving office 2024.

Information available to us from a strong and reliable source that Governor Godwin Obaseki regretted leaving APC and make move to return but Mr President and the leaders of APC shot the door against him else he is negotiating with AA party and other political party should the outcome of PDP Convention do not favour him and his travellers. Let me remind you Sir, that there is no peace for the wicked and you and your travellers will never found a place (party) like the APC.

Mr Governor your political career and that of your travellers is gradually coming to an end because you have committed a political sin against your political mother ( Oshiomole) and you will surely pay.

Political doom awaits you today at the PDP convention where the occultic political party will show you the exit door to your doom Mr Governor. PDP is not as lineal and tolerance as the the APC that you could manipulate and scammed to have your way to top. You just meet you water loo .



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