Alleged Plan To Burn Palm House: Antics For Obaseki To Divert Attention Over Failure – APC

Godwin Obaseki and his co-travellers were simply playing to the gallery when they alleged that there was a plan to burn down Palm House because of his threat to probe the Benin stormwater contract.

His inept government that cannot generate credible intel to forestall security breaches in local communities wants the public to believe that they got wind of a planned arson.

More likely, knowing that the Governor was the head of the economic team that designed, evaluated, approved and awarded the stormwater contract, and Osarodion Ogie who is now SSG was the Commissioner in the Ministry that supervised the stormwater project in the last administration, the evacuation of documents from Palm House is a deliberate process of isolating and removing documents that incriminate these two principal actors.

The stormwater contract cannot be assessed and evaluated without examining the roles of Godwin Obaseki and Osarodion Ogie. Edo people and the Nigerian public are by far too intelligent and discerning to be hoodwinked by the sort of shenanigans currently in play.

The clock is ticking, and Godwin Obaseki has nothing to show for his time in office. His ongoing antics are diversionary, and meant to put his lackluster performance in office on the back burner.

Chris Azebamwan
State Publicity Secretary,
APC, Edo State

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