Anger As Nigerians React To Jangebe Girls’ Abduction

Nigerians, from all walks of life, on Friday angrily reacted to the news of the abduction of over 300 schoolgirls of the Government Secondary School, Jangebe in the Talata Marafa Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

The abduction of the girls, coming just days after a similar daring assault on education and the nation’s young people with the abduction of 27 students and 15 staff and dependants of Government Science College, Kagara, Niger State, was for Nigerians, one too many.

For many, it was time to vent their angry frustrations on the entire nation and a system they believe has refused to work in protecting the citizenry, while for many others, it was time to call out President Muhammadu Buhari to sit up, work for the good of the people or simply get out of the way.

For many others, it was time to remind Kaduna based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi that he has been wrong all along in his defense of the bandits many now want to be seen as terrorists.

For some, especially a former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, it was time the security arrangement in the country was revisited.

Atiku in his reaction to the abduction, called for states in the country to be empowered to take care of their own security.

“I have previously made recommendations on how our beloved nation can defeat enemies of the state and win the war on terror, and I stand by those suggestions.

“However, right now, all hands must be on deck to support the Zamfara State government in securing the release of those abducted.

“The @NigeriaGov cannot expect the states to provide security of life and property in their domain, without giving them control over internal security. This is now a necessity.

“Thus, I call on the National and State Assemblies to begin the process of constitutional and legal reforms that will make this a reality. The Legislature must take the lead, as it seems the Executive may not be able to provide the needed leadership on this issue”, the former Vice President said.

If Atiku has words of advice for the way forward, a former lawmaker representing Kaduna South Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Shehu Sani, has a veiled diss for Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, when he tweeted early on Friday: “I spoke with a highly placed official of the Zamfara State Government who confirmed the mass abductions in the Government Girls Jengebe. He said the actual number will be ascertained. It’s sad and unfortunate. Every of our daybreak comes with its tragedy. Our clock ticks on horror.

“Those who are spraying fragrances on the feaces of these bandits can now see the futility of their action.”

Below are some angry reactions by Nigerians as monitored on Twitter by Daily Post.

@kisulab: These bandits are criminals and they should be treated as such. Enough of these negotiations that seems to be empowering them the more. The northern governors and other stakeholders must wake up from their deep slumber to find a lasting solution to these menace confronting the region.

@Greenaetion: 300 girls have just been kidnapped in Zamfara by Gumi and his boys. Buhari’s government is paying them a huge amount of Dollars. This kidnapping business in the north is very lucrative. Bandits are good people. It’s just because they’re shy and they need money

@IdorenyinEtuk5: The romance is not working. They’re terrorists and they seem to delight in what they are doing. The gains of terrorism has surpassed its hazards because government has made it both lucrative and less hazardous.

@Konstycons1: They’re not criminals. They just want to teach the abducted girls extra moral lessons. This government has failed so much that, calling a spade a spade is a crime to and for them. Shame.

@OditaIsrael: Indeed! And the intelligentsia, who argue that the so called ‘bandits’ took to crime because of government neglect, are indirectly calling on all ‘neglected’ & disaffected Nigerians to also venture into the new & lucrative AK47 business.

@Moladon17: Their modus operandi indicates their affiliation with Boko Haram. Attacks on schools is an attack on western civilisation. Boko Haram agenda.

@Dawisu: Clearly, we as the APC government, at all levels, have failed Nigerians in the number 1 duty we were elected to do which is to secure lives & properties. Not a single day goes by without some sort of insecurity in this land. This is a shame! Deal with terrorists decisively or resign.

@IamAbiodunAA: When the government both federal and state start negotiating with bandits/criminals instead of arresting them, this is what happens. Can you imagine criminals threatening the federal republic of Nigeria? Where tf is our president!!! Let him act!!!

@Tru_abj: This thing is becoming a joke haba. Nigerian government should do better if they keep negotiating the kidnapping will continue.

@BelloAbduljabar: This, I don’t understand. When people refused to acknowledge incompetency. Namu Namu ne is killing the NORTH and Nigeria as a whole. May the Almighty see us through this trying time.

@AliyuAngyo: It’s not only the north killing itself, the west, East and south are now taking advantage of what is happening in the north. These northern leaders!

@allafin001: This country is just too funny, where 16 is greater than 19, seriously our present government has failed us, because it all fell back to zero level. God save guard us in this country ???

@mustyO: Plus i see no reason why Boarding schools should still be operating at this point. Someone is sacrificing these innocent children.

@BalogunAded: I can bet poverty alleviation will address a large part of the issues, the inflation is so bad that people have become poorer and are willing to do just anything to survive.

@Charlesdoh1: No sir, party registration and revalidation is more important then governance. Next level things sir. Up APC for ever.

@99armanii: Politics aside, we are all human. What you said is not far from the truth, if we must be human, this administration should just resign and give way for competent hands. We can’t be living like this, you can’t keep lying to ourselves and hoping the situation changes overnight.

@AliyuAgyo: This is what they don’t want to hear, simple Truth. They take the massive advantage of our uninformed population by spreading lies and a bunch of propaganda to them. Northern Leaders will surely face God wrath here on earth

@offialmozeh: Of course APC has FAILED in that regard, Situation is getting worse day by day! May Allah see us through

@AkukiniS: Where is Sheik Gumi the negotiator?? Your service is needed urgently. @MBuhari is a total colossal

@Ishaqlabaran: APC government has failed Nigeria, obviously northern region. If I recall I stand on my feet from morning to evening just to vote for APC but the outcome towards us is obviously noxious and toxic, advisably we should channel our energy into praying buhari for more wisdom.

@turaku4real: APC Government can’t even secure peoples lives and property. We are totally tired of this drama. Deal with terrorists or resign, u really fail us.

@a_afolabi: You made a new business! And as a new business with the help of the government it’s flourishing! That’s what is happening!!! They kidnap…the government pays them. They repent ..,the government calls them repentant bandits and pay them again. This country is officially a joke.

@HeartwithThanks: The Bandits read the news just like most Nigerians. They understand that there are those in government helping then to foster this narrative of being marginalised rather than being a CRIMINAL. The earlier they’re regarded so, the better for everyone. It’s a failure of the government at all levels.

@SalamHammed12: Collecting ransom is sweet, since the first was successful, they won’t stop it, it is a new cash cow in town. May Allah save us all

@biffamna: Na now una dey know? There is NOTHING Buhari will be involved in and it will work. Buhari and APC are the worst things to have befallen Nigeria since 1914.

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