Anita Oyakhilome New Husband Revealed [Name & PHOTOS]

Rumors indicates that Pastor Anita might have officially re-married to another lover. An article was published by Dawn-To-Dusk News. The website reported that pastor Anita Oyakhilome who happens to be the ex-wife of pastor Chris has remarried. They made this affirmation which was supported by their sources.

On the 3rd of October 2016, it was reported by Dawn-To-Dusk News that pastor Anita had added “Schafer” to her maiden name. This introduction was made on one of her latest articles entitled “A simple Prayer”.

The name which was visible to everyone on the article was Anita Ebhodaghe Schafer. However, this has kept many people wondering, Down-To-Dusk News authoritatively suggest that she had remarried from the way things are. The tangible fact that she had introduced Schafer to her maiden name let to the publishing of an article by Down-To-Dusk which went viral.


This article was titled “Anita Oyakhilome Sparks Marriage Rumors”. Soon after, thr article had spread across the internet. However, the rate at which the news went viral was not strange given her personality. She was married to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and both served as senior pastors of Christ Embassy. You can as well read about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


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