“Any Woman You Marry Will Dump You Except…”- Popular Influencer Tells Israel DMW [VIDEO]

In a recent turn of events, social media influencer Dan Festus has taken a swipe at Israel DMW amidst the controversy surrounding his marriage.

This came after GWG.ng published a report where Israel DMW shared a detailed account of the reasons behind the end of his marriage.

A significant factor mentioned by Israel DMW’s ex-wife for their separation was his close association with Afrobeat singer Davido. She conveyed her discomfort with Israel following Davido around, feeling embarrassed by certain situations. Influencer Dan Festus has now weighed in on the matter, asserting that the wife’s concerns are valid.

Dan Festus elaborated on his stance, stating that no sensible woman would want to be married to someone constantly living in another man’s shadow. He went on to caution Israel, predicting that even if he were to marry again, his behavior might lead to another failed marriage. The influencer advised Israel to refrain from idolizing Davido and urged him to avoid certain actions, such as excessive prostration and kneeling before the singer, as these behaviors could be off-putting to women.

Watch the video below;

This critique from Dan Festus adds another dimension to the ongoing conversation about the impact of celebrity associations on personal relationships, particularly in the case of Israel DMW’s marriage woes.

Reactions have trailed the video …
ehikioyyaa wrote: “The people prostrating to gov and president them no get wife abi.”

ruonayo remarked: “if you had a helper like davido, you would have stopped bleaching
rubbish talk”

ediye.astar said: “Let’s be diplomatic on a neutral side, let Israel balance the equation, He can still be a very loyal and obedient servant without having to bow n worship his master. Remember only God deserve to be feared and worship, on the other hand, I feel davido should caution him a bit since he’s a married man except he’s enjoying the show, and if still isn’t enough for the wife, then there is something more to it, please you can disagree without disrespect.”


temi_niran wrote: “The problem the wife really emphasizes on, is his characters not how his serving his boss now.”

GWG.ng reports that Sheila Courage had taken to her Instagram to also reveal and spill details about what led to her marriage separation. She revealed that he had been emotionally and physically abusive towards her and would not take her along in any decision that he would make. She had also revealed that he had also been very insultive towards her family, especially her mother any chance that he gets

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