APC Exposes Plot By Okowa To Use APC Branded Vehicles To Cause Mayhem In Delt

The Delta State All Progressives Congress (APC) has alerted the general public and relevant state security agencies of alleged plot by Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state to use APC branded vehicles to create mayhem and security breaches across the state, with the sole aim of tarnishing “the glittering image and reputation” of the APC.

This was contained in a press statement on Tuesday by the party signed by E V. Onojeghuo Esq, Publicity Secretary.

The statement added: “The branded vehicles, made in semblance of colours and logos of the APC, are hidden in the premises of the Premium Trust Bank, along
Maryam Babaginda Way, Asaba.”

“The bank is believed to belong to the Okowa family. The intention of Okowa and the PDP, is to use these vehicles for thuggery, inflict harm and injuries on innocent citizens, in order to bring public opprobrium and hate upon the APC, as we approach the general elections.

“This satanic desperation no doubt stems from the reality that has now dawned on Okowa and the PDP, on the impending defeat that awaits them at the forthcoming polls. Having realized that the people of Delta State have finally rejected the PDP and by extension, his vice presidential ambition, Gov.
Okowa and his hirelings, have now resorted to sinister schemes to arm twist voters in the State, through creating false sense of insecurity amongst the people. This he hopes will turn voters against our great Party,” the statement added.



Furthermore, APC said that as a law abiding political party, they will not “succumb to wicked and cheap blackmail, nor gangsterism.”

“Infact, we do not subscribe or tolerate criminal actions that would create
insecurity and a breakdown of law and order in the State,” the statement said.

The APC urged security organizations in the state to take all appropriate measures to forestall and crush the nefarious intentions of Dr. Okowa and the PDP.


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