APC National Convention: Ex-Spokesman Kicks Against Ex-govs As Chairman


As All Progressives Congress progress towards the elective National Convention of the party, former Chairman Nigeria Union of Journalists, Edo State and Pioneer Edo State Publicity Secretary, APC Comrade Godwin Erhahon said that party faithfuls must learn from history and avoid common mistake and correct ourselves.

Comrade Erhahon said they cannot continue to do things the same way, using the same category of men, and expect better results.

“We have had four National Chairmen since inception, three former and one serving governors namely, former Governor Bisi Akande, former Governor John Oyegun, Former Governor Adams Oshiomhole and currently, Governor Buni of Yobe State.

“Erroneously, we are fast establishing it as a convention that only serving or former governors can lead APC at the national level.

“How much has leadership from this class favored the party?

“Experience has shown that the qualities required of a national chairman to succeed are what our new generation governors lack completely.

He said qualities of a good national chairman should include the habit of wide and sincere consultation, Humility, Amiable and respectful disposition., Ability to accept corrections and contributions from others, Tolerance and embrace of descending voices, and Experience in the party organization.

“With all due respect to governors of this dispensation, the system has spoiled them to be lords onto themselves, dictators in a democracy to the extent that they don’t value the input of others to the party.


“Come to look at it, does becoming governors certify them as good organizers?

“The chairman that APC needs now is one that is experienced in party organization and membership mobilization. One who will not feel too big to visit even a ward leader in any part of the country if duty demands him to do so.

“The Ego’s of former governors are harmful to the successful organization of a political party. Such will be an expensive gamble for our party of today.

“It is, therefore, my humble appeal to all former governors from any of the regions to which the office of the national chairman is zoned this time around to please steer clear of the contest if they wish the party well.

I appealed to leaders of the zone to search for a candidate with the qualities enumerated above. The north should not copy the south in this case. Rather, they should show better example.”




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