Apostle Suleman’s Daughter, Divine, Creates Internet Buzz With Powerful Message

Divine Johnson-Suleman, daughter of renowned Nigerian televangelist, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has taken the internet by storm with her recent display of her teaching prowess, which impressed netizens.

During a sermon on “The Supernatural” at a teen conference, she emphasised the importance of seeking intimacy with God to fully manifest His power.

Quoting Romans 8:11, Divine preached about the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within believers.

Her powerful message has sparked widespread discussions and astonishment across social media platforms.

Sarah Osakwe, a Twitter user, commented, “This is another Kathryn Kuhlman. I am so impressed by how she commands the power of the Holy Ghost in her ministration. Apostle and Mummy, thanks for raising this mega Kingdom giant. This is so sweet to watch; God is real.”

Another user, Maureen Adeshina, shared, “For real, I am so blown away. I see Apostle anytime I watch Divine Johnson-Suleman minister. She really needs to go viral. She’s a woman on another level, truly showcasing the power of God. God bless Apostle Johnson Suleman for giving us this gift.”

Divine Johnson-Suleman’s impactful ministration has undoubtedly captivated and wowed the online community, affirming the reality and power of God’s presence in the lives of believers.

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