BBC Documentary: Ajoke, Not TB Joshua’s Biological Daughter – Synagogue Church

…says she was adopted


The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) say Ajoke, one of the interviewees in the BBC documentary, ‘Disciples: The Cult of TB Joshua,’ is not their late founder’s biological daughter.

The church disclosed this in a video titled “Exposing BBC: Was Ajoke TB Joshua’s biological daughter?” posted on their YouTube page on Wednesday.

BBC released a documentary accusing the late cleric of multiple crimes, including allegations of rape against certain members.

The three-part documentary published on BBC’s official YouTube page featured over two dozen SCOAN ex-members (disciples).

These individuals, hailing from Nigeria, South Africa, and the United Kingdom and having resided at the Synagogue in Lagos, shared accounts of alleged sexual assault, manipulation, forced abortion, and other abuses attributed to the late cleric.

According to the BBC, Ajoke was one of the first whistle-blowers to contact them (BBC) about the abuse she witnessed at SCOAN. She accused the late TB Joshua of maltreatment and other offences.

Refuting BBC’s tell-all explosive documentary, the church’s video sees the late prophet telling some congregants that Ajoke isn’t his biological daughter.

The late prophet introduced Ajoke to what appeared to be a church workers’ meeting, stating that he initially believed he could address Ajoke’s case in his office.

Still, informing the church about her situation and activities became essential.

He said he adopted her at one month old when church members discovered her abandoned near the Synagogue in Ikotun, Lagos State.

“When she was a baby, I took her to the police station, and they were telling me, why can’t you take care of this little girl? Nobody will be able to take care of her; please adopt her. And I found this little one, let her live with us. The video was recorded when she was a baby.”

He said he sent Ajoke to a British school, but she ended up stealing and tarnishing his image.

The controversial cleric also said the British school board teachers were surprised when they watched the video of her adoption because she was not his biological daughter.

He added that the board teachers claimed they thought a man of God’s daughter would not steal. Unknowingly, she was not fathered by him.

TB Joshua also said that Ajoke stole on multiple occasions, prompting the police to request her return to an orphanage where she belonged.

Additionally, he said, he opposed the decision, but he had to let her go due to Ajoke’s numerous atrocities.

The late SCOAN founder revealed that if he had not met Ajoke, he would have adopted one million children.

He stated that adopting a child is risky because they never show gratitude for anything you do for them and that aside from stealing, Ajoke destroyed disciples in the Synagogue by sleeping with them.

He mentioned one disciple, Loison, who called him from Ghana to report Ajoke’s lustful advances. Loison, he said, left the church for Ghana because he couldn’t refuse Ajoke, and she had ruined him.

“It’s surprising, and I know many of you might have known, she has that influence on people, and it doesn’t influence little people but people that matter. Let me explain it in brief. To the extent that two months ago I had to call the commissioner of police about this, they should trace the file on this, and they brought the file to me, and there’s a letter saying that I should return her and I hold on to it.

“I’ll show you the letter now. Because they, too, feel for me that you’ve given so much to this one. No, they should put her where she belongs. In the British school, there’s a letter explaining that this girl stole money.”

Late TB Joshua stated in the video that Ajoke, before her suspension, signed two undertaking letters due to her bad habits.

One of the workers read a letter in the video addressed to TB Joshua by the British school about Ajoke’s suspension due to theft and other atrocities, resulting in her isolation.

Moreso, the video featured the reading of a plea letter from Ajoke to the British school, acknowledging her theft of 41,000 CFA francs.

Ajoke, in the BBC, said that she enjoyed a joyful childhood, vacationing with the Joshua family in locations like Dubai until the age of seven.

Everything took a turn in a single day when she was suspended from school for a misdemeanour, according to her.

In the documentary, the narrator said that despite dropping her surname “Joshua,” Ajoke now lives in hiding, raised by Evelyn, the late prophet’s widow.

“My dad had fear, constant fear. He was very afraid that someone would speak up,” says one of the pastor’s daughters, Ajoke – one of the first whistle-blowers to reach out to the BBC about the abuse she witnessed at her father’s church, the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan).

“I was made to move to the disciples’ room. I didn’t volunteer to be a disciple. I was made to join. The disciples were both brainwashed and enablers. Everybody was just acting based on command – like zombies. Nobody was questioning anything,” she said in the BBC interview.

The Synagogue church earlier dissociated itself from the individuals featured in the BBC documentary.

On 10 January, the church’s Public Affairs Director, Dare Adejumo, claimed in a statement published by Vanguard that the individuals featured in the documentary were unknown to the church.

Mr Adejumo said that the documentary aimed to clarify public perceptions.

SCOAN emphasised the importance of journalism adhering to ethical principles, stating that straying from them is unacceptable.

The church highlighted journalism’s role as a societal watchdog, emphasizing the need for fairness, balance, and objectivity for media to maintain dignity.

Besides the church denying the interviewees’ identity, some celebrities and Nigerians testified that the late TB Joshua was not a fake prophet.

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