Be Wary Of Adeleke’s Phoney Projects For 100 Days In Office, Osun APC Tells Public

Osun state Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Monday raised the alarm that the current administration of Senator Ademola Adeleke has concluded a plan to fleece the state of its resources through re-commissioning of projects the previous government, of APC, had already installed for public use.

The party in a statement by its Acting Chairman, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal in Osogbo, remarked that “the Adeleke Administration is desperate to shore up its huge kwashiorkor image by repainting some of the legacy public schools and primary health centres built by the Administration of former Governor Gboyega Oyetola.”

The APC helmsman reminded members of his party and the public at large that they owe the state a duty to alert the world anytime a questionable project is slated for commissioning in their areas.

“The sacked Governor Adeleke should be watchful and circumspect on how he dips his hand into the public fund because he would be called to account for all the public monies spent without due process, ” Lawal warned.

He however charged members of the public to be wary of the antics of the embattled Governor Ademola Adeleke’s administration as it’s getting set to mark its one hundred days in office.

The chairman stressed that the celebration of the Adeleke administration in the office for 100 days with the commissioning of projects is only a smokescreen skillfully designed by the recently sacked governor to curry unmerited public sympathy.

Lawal stated that the information at his disposal showed that the embattled PDP administration has nothing to offer the people of the state save for the high-levelled propaganda its government has adopted since rigging itself into power.

He stated that it was for this reason that the distraught Adeleke government employed the services of over 300 media rottweilers whose only roles are to bark at members of the opposition party and drive the empty and mundane policies of the rudderless government of Adeleke on social media.

Lawal who hinted that the Adeleke administration’s mission is to loot the state observed that the upset certificate forger and his co-travellers do not have what it takes to run a 21st-century government.
Lawal stated further that the lethargic administration of Adeleke is confused and tangential to the need of the people of Osun State.
Meanwhile, Mr. Olabamji Oladele(HOB),
Director of Media, Osun state PDP, maintained that, Governor Adeleke is committed to fulfilling his electoral promises to the people, and will not be distracted by the little talk of a terrible opposition, whose only idea of governance, is spreading hopelessness and poverty.


He described members of the party as retrogressive-minded people that are emptied in thoughts and deeds saying, “We want to reiterate the PDP-led government commitment to clear the mess inherited from the APC government. The PDP will not only ensure that salary and pensions owed are cleared but abandoned projects littering the state will be completed”.

“This is evident in the latest move by Governor Adeleke to mobilize contractors back to resume construction of roads abandoned by the past administration. Governor Adeleke is committed to fulfilling his electoral promises to the people, and will not be distracted by the little talk of a terrible opposition, whose only idea of governance, is spreading hopelessness and poverty.

“We find it even appalling that the APC tried to distract attention from its ugly past of pains and anguishes suffered by those who render services to the state. The evil of yesterday which APC represents shall never resurface in Osun State.”

“The disjointed narratives canvassed in a recent statement issued by the Osun APC showed its patent hatred for the people, particularly workers and pensioners who had been made to suffer unnecessarily. Osun people have taken judicious notice of the unrepentant anti-people insistence of the APC and they will use their votes to punish all APC candidates this month”.
” In any case, it is imperative to stress to the APC that Osun people are now wiser and will not be swayed by the empty rhetorics of a party that did nothing but impoverish them. Let the APC know that Governor Adeleke will not watch people who laboured hard for the state to go without their entitlements as it was the pattern of the erstwhile ruling party.

“Instead of apologizing to the public servants for imposing poverty and agonizing pain on them for several years, the APC still has the shamelessness to criticise a ‘talk and do’ Governor who is already clearing backlogs of half salaries and arrears left by the APC government.”
“At a time Osun people are pouring encomium on Governor Ademola Adeleke, the State All Progressives Congress (APC) is swimming in its ocean of shame and refusing to show remorse for its wickedness and inhumane treatment meted out to Osun workers and pensioners,” he added.


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