Big Shame As Pastor Caught Red-handed in Bed With Somebody’s Wife, Chased From The Church

When a man of God is caught pants down today, the most used excuse would be to ‘it was the devil’, except for this pastor.

Currently, a renowned pastor has been chased from the church after he was caught red-handed in act with somebody’s wife in his matrimonial bed.

According to media reports, the alleged preacher was pants down in bed with somebody’s wife broad daylight, and the two pretends to be doing extra Bible studies and prayers in pastor’s house.

The woman’s husband who works in nearby town returned home unannounced, he went to pastor’s house and caught pastor James Mwangi (not the real name), in act with his wife when he was away from home. TAP HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLES

“On Monday morning, I travelled home from town without alerting my wife. At around 2 pm, I went to pastor’s house unannounced, and caught the pastor in his house with my partner,” said the woman’s husband.


The pastor’s wife, who could not stop laughing and smiling after being caught, made the scene even more awkward when they were told to pose for a photo shoot. The embarrassed pastor was lost for words and started claiming that he was there to pray and nothing else.

Immediately after the disappointing discovery, the aggrieved man informed the church elders about his predicament. The elders warned him against repeating the same mistake in the future.

However, he ordered him to quit from doing any church service until approvals that indeed he has gone through cleansing and purification in accordance with the church doctrines


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