Bode George Reveals Those Who Caused PDP’s Defeat

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Bode George, has said the managers of the party at the national level made it to lose the 2023 general election.

Bode George who spoke at Arise TV yesterday pointed out that people will speak all kinds of things but that was the effect and the situation at that time, adding that “we should just ask ourselves why did we lose this last election?

“I’m a senior member of the party and I reserve my comments of our party post-election analysis but because you asked this question and if there’s an action there will be equal and opposite reactions.

“The managers of the party at the national level created a monumental crisis for the party and that is what was responsible for the loss at most of the election.

“They said I supported the Labour Party but I did not support the Labour Party. It was because the PDP was messing up and I warned them at the national meeting because what they were doing was despicable and I have no qualms for that. And we have learnt our lessons now. And I tell you that the way the APC are going is because they copied this zoning of things from us and you can hear the cacophony of voices and that is how we started, they have to be careful. Now they want this position to be zone here and there is a systematic way of doing it.

“ I spoke to them in private and all our leaders in public and so I took my decision because, is the Labour Party really a political party? It is a will of change and where is Obi coming from? Was he not coming from PDP? So, if you look at the totality of it. But we will go back in the inner chambers of our party to address this issue and make a definitive solution that nobody again will violate it. It was the management of the party at the national level that caused it,” he said.

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