Borno State Police Warn Filling Stations Against Hiring Elderly Guards


Maiduguri, Borno State – In a stern warning issued by the Borno State Police Command, filling station owners in the state capital, Maiduguri, have been cautioned against hiring elderly men, commonly in their septuagenarian years, as security guards.

Commissioner of Police Yusuf Lawal delivered this cautionary message during a press conference held on Monday, where he shed light on the recent attacks on filling stations, which resulted in the tragic killing of a security guard.

Lawal expressed deep concern over the hiring of septuagenarians for security roles, emphasizing that it not only makes them vulnerable targets but also poses a significant threat to the overall security of the state.

Regarding the recent attack, he stated, “When we assessed the situation, we discovered that most filling stations employ septuagenarians as their watchmen. This practice must change.”

Efforts are now underway to engage filling station owners in constructive discussions to enhance security measures. The police offer valuable security advice and have proposed specific operating hours to minimize risks. For those filling stations situated on the outskirts, Lawal strongly recommended using professional private security organizations instead of relying on elderly septuagenarians to safeguard their premises.

To combat the increasing criminal activities disturbing the peace in the state, the police in Maiduguri have adopted a strategic shift in their nighttime patrol procedures. Lawal explained, “Criminals have become more astute in identifying our patrol vehicles by headlights, such as Hilux and Nissan models. To counter this, we’ve initiated a game-changing tactic. At specific junctions, we now park our vehicles and conduct foot patrols within vulnerable neighbourhoods, estates, and identified crime-prone areas.”

The Commissioner of Police expressed his gratitude to Governor Babagana Zulum’s administration for providing crucial logistical support to the police force, acknowledging the significance of such assistance in maintaining law and order in Borno State.


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