BREAKING: APC Youth Forum Blasts Oshiomole, Others Over Relegating Auchi Politicians


The All progressive Congress [APC] youth forum in Auchi, Etsako west local government has attacked the leadership of APC led by Adams Aliyu Oshiomole over Continues Relegating and down played on the leaders and politicians of Auchi sacred Kingdom.

In a communique signed by leader of Auchi APC Youths forum, Prince MKO Chalaman Momoh said that they have reflected on the myriad of issues affecting them, despite their enormous investments in the growth and development of the party (APC), including putting the revered throne of Auchi on the line for the party to record consistent victory.

Read the communique below;


1. That a meeting was held on Thursday, 6th October, 2022, at HRH, Alhaji. Aliru H. Momoh Town Hall, behind Unity Bank Nig. Plc, where the APC Youths of Auchi extraction, brainstormed on how Edo North APC, Undergo the leadership of Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, has over time relegated, diminished and down played on the leaders and politicians of Auchi, leaving a trail behind with a wounded self-esteem and heavily-beaten down confidence of the entire Auchi Sacred Kingdom.

2. That We have reflected on the myriad of issues affecting us, despite our enormous investments in the growth and development of our party (APC), including putting the revered throne of Auchi on the line for the party to record consistent victory but without commensurate compensations, most particularly in the area of human capital development. It is a glaring fact that the benefits as accruing to individuals across the senatorial zone of the party is not evenly distributed with the people of Auchi as we are being treated as pushovers, even though our contributions to the party via voting strength, collective commitment and otherwise is far more than that of any other area, and we have remained religiously faithful in this spirit.

3. That the obvious hate from the party leadership is glaring for all to see, most especially, the damages done to the political aspirations of so many sons and daughters of Auchi sacred kingdom, evidence among them can be seen in the just concluded primary elections held in the senatorial zone. The travail that befell our notable political leaders who at different times aspired for party offices are deliberate machinations to stampede and relegate politicians of Auchi extraction to the background with the help of stooges who have been planted on us.

4. That the politics of inclusion during electioneering mobilization and politics of exclusion when the “Political Meal” is ready, are clear indices of hatred for the Auchi people, despite her (Auchi) vast numerical strength and intellectual capacities.

5. That we note with amazing embarrassment, the ongoing constitution of campaign councils from top to bottom, how names of Auchi politicians are deliberately and conspicuously jettisoned or is there any other reason, other than hatred that is responsible for not considering Auchi politicians in these campaign councils?

From the foregoing, we are bold to make categorical statements of facts and thereafter establish our position, thus.
*. That We are APC and we shall choose the party over and over again.
*. That we are advocate of peace and harmonious coexistence between Auchi and other communities of APC family but in actuality, the hatred against Auchi Politicians is becoming fundamentally pathological and obvious to political and non political actors of Auchi extraction thereby pushing us the APC faithfuls into guilty conscience, in disservice to our sacred kingdom and we can’t take it anymore.

*. That We reject in totality the politics of exclusivity and the continued foisting of party leadership on Auchi people which is the major problem the party is facing in this axis today.
*. That We decline the offer of “Bread and Butter” politics of rhetorics and oratory at all times as 22 years is enough for a child to grow.

That as a matter of urgency, Auchi sons and daughters should be drafted and constituted into campaign councils from top to bottom and be given crucial and critical responsibility and the nominee who must be charismatic and selfless in their disposition and known to command huge social, economic, traditional, and political respect must emanate from an enlarge meeting of stakeholders of the party including youths and women wings of the party.

*. That we demand a commitment from the leadership of the party that after the struggles, decent political appointments would be given to Auchi just as it has been enjoyed by other areas of the zone.

*. That let it be known that a committee have been set up to work on documentary evidence of APC’s unfairness to Auchi political developments side by side with our struggle, sacrifices, faithfulness and loyalty to Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and we wish that this overwhelming facts but political dirty linens shouldn’t be allowed to be washed outside for it will be difficult to retract and retrieve before February and March, 2023.

Our Prayers therefore is that we crave for the implementation of our position paper for fairness, equity and justice or there will be consequences if these selfish and evil politics of “use-and-dump” hatred and relegation are not discontinued.
Thank you.
Long live Auchi Sacred kingdom.
Long live All Progressive Congress.
Long live Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Signed: Prince MKO Chalaman Momoh.
Leader Auchi APC Youths Forum


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