BREAKING: Bayelsa Pastor Who Delivered A 2yr-Old Pregnant Woman Of CATFISH, Raise Dead Woman [PHOTOS]

Founder of Prophetic Light Ministry, Yenagoa, Prophet Diepreye Samuel Okiakpe, has raised a woman that was dead for about two hours.

Investigations revealed that the woman has passed on before she was rushed to the live Sunday service at the Church auditorium in Osiri road, Ekeki Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.


The woman was prayed for by the man of God and she came back to life in the presence of the congregation. There was jubilation in the congregation as everyone joined in thanking God for the miracle.

NAIJA LIVE TV reported two months ago that the man of God prayed for a woman who was pregnant for two years and she gave birth to a CATFISH during a deliverance session in his Church.


The recent raising of the dead is just one of the numerous miracles through the ministration of Prophet Diepreye Samuel Okiakpe by the help of the Holy Spirit

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