BREAKING: Edo APC Deputy Chair, Tenebe Rejects Christmas Gift From Clem Agba [DETAILS]

The Edo state APC Deputy Chairman, Emperor Jarrett Tenebe has rejected the Christmas gift send to him by the immediate past Minister of state for state and national planning and APC Governorship aspirant, Prince Clem Agba.

Speaking , Tenebe stated that he refused the gift because of Agba’s campaign utterances, where he claimed to have paid medical bills of my wife.

Tenebe expressed astonishment at the former minister’s public disclosure of this private matter and called for an end to the embarrassment.

He further requested that Agba furnish him with his account details so that he could reimburse the amount spent on his wife’s hospital bills.

Tenebe said that Agba gave him $3000 against $5000 he claimed to have given him. Tenebe further revealed that he had spent $380,000 on his wife’s medical treatment at a renowned hospital in the world, alleging that Agba had refused to help because he thought his wife would die and that is why he gave him $3000 after the treatment

Tenebe denied spreading rumors about Agba’s selfishness, asserting that he had no prior dealings with him, except for a 100 million-naira contract offer close to the end of Agba’s tenure, which was withdrawn when i declined to join his campaign.


The rejection of a Christmas gift by the Edo State APC Deputy Chairman, Emperor Jarrett Tenebe, from the former Minister of State for State and National Planning, Prince Clem Agba, has raised eyebrows and generated controversy.

This episode highlights the rift and political tensions within the Edo State APC, specifically between Tenebe and Agba. The rejection of the Christmas gift demonstrates Tenebe’s stand against any perceived attempt by Agba to gain political leverage or score points by publicly disclosing personal matters. It also reveals the complex dynamics and power struggles within the party ahead of the upcoming governorship elections in the state.

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