BREAKING: How We Played Politics With 2012 Subsidy Removal– Fayemi Reveals

Former Ekiti Governor, Kayode Fayemi has said that the nationwide protest against fuel subsidy removal in January 2012 was based on mere politics even though the sponsors of the protest knew it was the right thing for Nigeria.

He said the proponents of the Occupy Nigeria movement which took charge of the national protest against fuel subsidy knew that it was the best decision for the country at the time.

He said the movement was driven by the political interest of the sponsors in the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and they protested against the policy that would have saved money for the government to intervene in various sectors of the economy.



His words: “We in ACN in 2012. We know the truth. Is all politics and that is why we must ensure that everybody is a critical stakeholder by stopping this winner takes it all electoral approach and embrace consensus driven politic”.

He said Nigerians must interrogate the manifestos of the various political parties for a consensus on national development.

“Let the manifesto of PDP be put on the table. Let the manifesto of APC be put on the table. Let the manifesto of labour be put on the table. Let’s have a synthesis of what is in the overall interest of Nigeria and then select those who would pilot the program alongside the president from all the critical constituency.

“That is how to make Nigeria work in my view, if we get there we will have succeeded,” he said.


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