BREAKING: Ikorodu Youths Obstruct Mohbad’s Burial Process [DETAILS]

Angry youths in Ikorodu, Lagos have obstructed the burial proceedings for singer Mohbad.

Mohbad died on Tuesday at 27.

In a video captured online, the youths were seen obstructing the burial of the singer, arguing he deserves to be buried in a better place because of his celebrity status.

Family members of the singer are at Ikorodu cemetery where the young champ is supposed to be buried.

They met with opposition as the youths demanded the singer’s family give him a befitting burial.

Netizens have reacted to the unnecessary drama the youths are creating.

One Ada Mmaramma wrote: “These are the problems. May God console his family

One Atispa said: “Who are they angry at?

One Luvluv Me stated: “Do they own the cemetery.”

One Swanky BTC wrote: “Lol Naija the most useless nation with the most useless youths in the world”.

One Maureen Rita stated: “And police no fit arrest all this nuisance”.

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